Within the first 24 months of life, Fidelity Farm Labradors guarantees each puppy will pass a CAER/CERF eye exam, if needed; and hips and elbows are warranted from dysplasia. Should there be any concern regarding a particular issue, please keep us in the loop so we can share accurate and timely advice.

As the saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Even with the sound orthopedic genes our dogs possess, there are many factors within your control that can impact your puppy’s overall development (positively or negatively).

Injury – Until your puppy’s growth plates close at around 18 months of age, it is important you limit prolonged and/or strenuous activities that could harm their developing bones, joints and tendons. Even though he/she may have lots of energy, it is important to limit activities that can potentially lead to orthopedic problems! Take care not to permit too rough of play with people or larger dogs/animals. Do not let them jump off things higher than their shoulders, or take them on long walks or jogs. Please supervise their interaction with children until you are certain they know how to properly interact with puppy.

Nutrition — Feed them a high-quality food (not necessarily high cost), specifically formulated for a large-breed puppy (see Nutrition Information tab for more information), as you don’t want them getting too much calcium, phosphorus and fat, to make them grow too fast skeletally. Please do not allow them get overweight, as this can stress joints as well.

Spay/Neuter – Research shows adolescent hormones play a definite (positive) role in overall development of bone, joint and tendon quality. Dogs that have been altered early have a higher incidence of dysplasia and tendon rupture. (See Health tab for more information.) For this reason, spaying or neutering prior to 14 months of age will nullify our warranty coverage. Given so many factors influencing orthopedic health are out of a Breeder’s control once they leave at 8 weeks old, many (Breeders) are no longer backing an extended warranty of any type. We will continue to do so for now, and will provide our signed Guarantee as part of the paperwork we send you home with when you come on Adoption Day.

Should concern arise over warranted issues, the following dated documentation must be provided to Fidelity Farm Labradors:

  1. Statement of evaluation/confirmation of “non-pass” eye exam from a CERF-qualified veterinarian. *
  2. Statement of evaluation/confirmation from OFA ( regarding presence of hip or elbow dysplasia.
    ** X-rays must be taken and submitted to OFA no later than 24 months of age
  3. Complete care records from your veterinarian to include date of any spay or neuter procedure.

*Animal Eye Clinic of Spokane (Dr. Kaiser) does all our CAER/CERF evaluations. (

**Specific (correctly-positioned) x-ray films must be provided to OFA for evaluation of possible hip or elbow dysplasia. It is critical you use a technician/clinic familiar with, and qualified in taking these specific films, as improperly positioned results will be rejected by OFA, and need to be repeated. Veterinary Surgical Specialists (Dr. Lawrence) conducts all our exams and films for submission to OFA.