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Our Commitment

At Fidelity Farm our goal is to produce genetically sound Labrador Retrievers with phenomenal temperament, health and conformation – the “All-Purpose Labrador”, whose loyalty, trainability and family-friendly sweetness are its hallmark!  “Yellow” is our passion and will always remain our primary focus — particularly, the cream to ultra-light (near white) phases. Labradors come in just three colors:  Yellow, Black and Chocolate. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of those colors and genetically test for the Dilute gene.

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Welcome to Fidelity Farm!

Located just south of Spokane, Washington, amid the towering pines and gently-rolling fields of beautiful Paradise Prairie, we are thankful to call this peaceful place home!

Fidelity Farm



The addition of a faithful Labrador family member is an exciting experience, and we believe our lives are truly richer for their presence in them!

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